OilPal System

Ref. APOLLO-005

What is OilPal®

OilPal® allows heating oil users to really take control of their oil tank. On any web enabled device, OilPal® will simply show you the approximate volume of heating oil left in your tank along with a handy estimated days to run out.

Smart Phone, Tablet & PC Friendly

  • Smart Phone, Tablet & PC Friendly

  • Automatic Oil Monitoring on the go, Anytime, Anywhere

  • Clean, Modern & easy to use

  • Avails of tried and tested 100% reliable technologies

How it Works

  • OilPal® Ultrasonic Tank Sensor is fitted to the oil tank.

  • OilPal® Ultrasonic Tank Sensor wirelessly sends data to OilPal Modem indoors.

  • OilPal® Modem sends data to your Smart Phone device or PC/Mac.

  • OilPal® is compatible with all existing Apollo Ultrasonic Tank sensors in the field